13 Reasons to Attend the Women’s Work Festival

The 13th Annual Women’s Work Festival starts this Sunday, March 3rd and runs until Thursday, March 7th. Here are 13 reasons to consider checking it out!

1..International Women’s Week

It’s International Women’s Week and what better way is there to celebrate that than by attending an international festival of plays-in-progress that dedicated to promoting work by, for, or about women (self-identified). This inclusive and accessible festival supports the work of women but everyone is welcome to attend.

2. Play Readings

How often do you get the chance to listen to work while it is still in progress? This is an amazing chance to see work that is still in development in an intimate setting. There will be a short question and answer period after each reading with the playwright which is a great opportunity to learn more about the play and their process.


3. Low Cost

The Women’s Work Festival strives to be accessible and because of this, they have kept costs for festival attendees low. Admission to all play readings is by donation (to the St. John’s Women’s Center, another awesome organization to support during International Women’s Week). The festival also offers panels which are free to attend and workshops that cost $15 to attend.

4. Fellow Racketeer Stephanie Curran

You may just know Stephanie from her Racket articles, but she also just happens to be an incredible actress in my (albeit biased) opinion. She will be reading in Elizabeth Hicks’ play Twelve Nasty Women on Tuesday, March 5t at 7 pm at the LSPU Hall.

5. Awesome Tunes

The festival is stacked with performances from amazing women musicians. This includes but is not limited to Kira Sheppard (Sunday, March 3, 7 pm), It Could Be Franky (Monday, March 4, 7 pm), and Kelly McMichael (Tuesday, March 5, 7 pm). With all performances happening at the LSPU Hall.


Let me set the scene for you, you wake up on Monday Morning, maybe you’re a little tired from all the fun you had at the opening reception of the Women’s Work Festival last night and the first thing on your mind is ‘I need coffee’, well the Women’s Work Festival got you. They are having Morning Coffee Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am at the LSPU Hall. There will also be an open dialogue about story-telling led by Sonderlust’s Nicole Smith...so what more could you want?

7. Women Authored Texts

So as I mentioned before all the festival events are free or at a low cost, this means you might be walking around with a few extra dollars in your pocket. Well, why not spend that cash on a terrific woman authored text from the Playwrights Canada Press, which will be on sale at all the LSPU Hall festival events.  They make great International Women’s Day gifts for the woman in your life.


8. Panels

There are some quality panels happening at the Women’s Work Festival that cover a range of topics including a Commissioning Panel (Monday, March 4, 1-3 PM), a Creating Work Opportunities Panel (Tuesday, March 5, 12-2 PM), and a Producer’s Panel (Wednesday, March 6, 12-2 PM). These panels are a useful free resource, particularly for anyone working in the arts.

9. Snacks

So not only will the Women’s Work Festival have coffee but they will also have snacks, because what is morning coffee without a snack. There will also be snacks at the evening play readings. Tbh, she loves a snack. 

10. Performance Walk

Tired of the pub crawl? Do a performance crawl! This may just be the coolest event of the whole festival (possibly literally and figuratively). This is the concept: emerging and established artists will be featured in pop-up performances of 5-15 minutes each in downtown St. John’s businesses on Wednesday, March 7 from 12-1 pm. The walk kicks off at the Victoria St. Stage.

11. Hot Chocolate

So there is an underlying theme to this article, and that theme is I am a major fan of snacks and hot beverages. The Women’s Work Festival is having a Hot Chocolate Social to warm you up after the Performance Walk (the long range forecast is calling for a balmy -6°C so you’ll need it)! This is the final event of the festival and a fantastic way to celebrate a week of women’s work.

12. Workshops

If you are someone working in the arts the festival is offering a Dramaturgy Workshop led by Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre Dramaturg Pamela Halstead, that may be just the thing for you. This workshop is open to the public but pre-registration is required. You can register for the workshop by emailing womensworkfestivalnl@gmail.com.


13. Supporting the Arts Community

I leave you with this quote to make the case for supporting the arts community.

"Art, Undeniably, is conductive to happiness." - Unknown

The Women’s Work Festival was founded by RCA Theatre Company, She Said Yes!, White Roster Theatre. Festival events take place at the LSPU Hall Cox & Palmer Second Space, 3 Victoria Street, St. John’s unless otherwise specified. For more information on the festival or to register for a workshop visit womensworkfestival.ca or email womensworkfestivalnl@gmail.com. You can find out more information about the festival by liking them on Facebook,  and following them on Twitter, and Instagram @womensworkfest.