Top 28 Singles Of 2018

2018 has come and gone and we’re now in the early stages of 2019. We had a great break at The Racket and we hope you followed along as we counted down the top 28 stories of 2018. I figured, since a- I love countdowns and b- The Racket’s first post was a best of summer playlist, I thought we would kick off the year with a playlist of my picks for the Top 28 Singles of 2018:

28. Quality Control- She For Keeps (feat. Quavo & Nicki Minaj)

When it comes to 2018, Nicki Minaj dominated my iTunes and she will make ten appearances on this list whether as a featured or solo artist. No wonder I consider Queen to be my pick for album of 2018. “She For Keeps” is a slower jam but Nicki spits some good bars and sings.

27. Fall Out Boy- Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

Every so often Fall Out Boy surprises me with a little reminder of their clever songwriting. “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” is a great little middle finger to anyone who has jilted you. I also love the lyric “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour”.

26. Travis Scott- Sicko Mode (feat. Drake)

This song is a trip. Or “lit!” as Scott reminds via ad-lib in “Sicko Mode”. The beat, the raps, the samples are all on point and shows that Travis is here to stay.

25. Nicki Minaj- Barbie Tingz

Odd that “Barbie Tingz” never made it on Queen, but it was certainly overshadowed when it was released alongside “Chun-Li”.

24. Nicki Minaj- Ganja Burn

The opening track on Queen, Minaj shows why she is worthy of the title rapping and singing over a hypnotizing beat.

23. 5 Seconds Of Summer- Youngblood

I heard this song in places all summer and didn’t really know what it was until I finally downloaded it myself. What a rocker. It actually gives me 80’s vibes a la Billy Idol and Def Leopard with a pop twist.

22. Ariana Grande- God is a woman

Grande definitely had a venti year and this song solidified her place in music for me. “God is a woman” is her most grown-up pop-diva sounding song yet.

21. Nicki Minaj- Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne)

Minaj received some flak for this song because of strange comments she made regarding strippers, but I see it as the ultimate empowerment song in which she instructs her listeners that they are “worth a Brinks truck”.

20. Jason Derulo & David Guetta- Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William)

What makes Minaj so great is her versatility, at number 21 she was raunchy and confident and at the number 20 spot she is singing, flirty and playful.

19. Tyga- Dip (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Speaking of Minaj’s versatility, she channels Missy Elliott here and weirds out while dropping stinging bars at her rap rival from 2018. Can Minaj and Missy collaborate please?

18. DJ Khaled- Top Off (feat. JAY-Z, Future & Beyoncé)

JAY takes shots at that creep George Zimmerman and Queen Bey became everyone’s favourite rapper. Thanks Khaled for doing whatever it is you do.

17. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper- Shallow

I wasn’t as wooed by Bradley Cooper’s “acting singing” as some others but there is no denying he helps make this song special. It’s Gaga though that commands all the attention and reminds us just how good she is.

16. Kanye West- Yikes

While Ye wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, it’s also not a bad album by any means. “Yikes” might not measure up to the great singles of West’s discography but it was a highlight for me in 2018.

15. 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz- FEFE

6ix9ine is gross but FEFE is a jam.

14. Drake- In My Feelings

Perhaps the only reason Drake isn’t way higher up on this list is because he had three huge singles this year that demanded they be listened to. Scorpion still kind of sucks for me as an album but there is no denying it is laced with killer singles.

13. Drake- God’s Plan

So often with Drake’s singles I find that I am not hooked right away which calls for multiple listens until it becomes part of your soundtrack. I thought “God’s Plan” was a bit boring when I first heard it last January but I quickly changed my tune and started quoting lyrics.

12. Shawn Mendes- Lost In Japan

Seriously. Who DOESN’T love Shawn? He really grew as an artist this year and explored new sounds and made it on just about everybody’s playlists.

11. Nicki Minaj- Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)

The perfect easy breezy summer song. Can these two ladies do a whole album together?

10. Drake- Nice For What

My favourite Drake single of 2018 is full of energy and has a great video.

09. Carly Rae Jepsen- Party For One

Way too many people sleep on Carly Rae and she consitently delivers perfect pop anthems. “Party For One” was released in November but quickly racked up plays.

08. U2- Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way

The Cheat Codes remix  made my best of summer playlist and it helped make this song one of my most played singles this year.

07. Kanye West & Lil Pump- I Love It (feat. Adele Givens)

What was this song?! I thought it was a joke, and perhaps it was but the joke was on me as the lyrics became stuck in my head and I played this song at the gym quite often. Also check out this video of Adele Givens, thank you Kanye!

06. Nicki Minaj- Barbie Dreams

When Queen was surprise released, I was nowhere near Wi-Fi and couldn’t download the album. When a favourite artist of mine releases an album I like to listen to it from start to finish and not skip to certain tracks. After hearing the hype about “Barbie Dreams” I had to break my “rule” and listen to this one first. It blew me away and will likely remain one of Minaj’s best songs.

05. Justin Timberlake- Supplies

JT didn’t score any huge hits with Man of the Woods and while I’d agree that the album was a bit of a miss, the first half or so is really good. “Supplies” is weird but the weirdness of the beat makes it great.

04. Nicki Minaj- ChunLi

Queen Nicki goes hard here on her first solo single of the Queen era.

03. Justin Timberlake- Filthy

Haters said it was fake, but anyone who longed for some FutureSex/LoveSounds loved this surprise in January of 2018.

02. The Carters- APESHIT

I actually texted The Carters’ EVERYTHING IS LOVE into existence this year, so you’re welcome. (I was talking to co-Racketeer Tom about wanting this joint album and then BAM they released it a couple of hours later. “APESHIT” is the standout track of the album, and the video is just as iconic as this power couple.

01. Kanye West- All Mine

Mr. West had a rough year but he produced five albums, two of his were his own. “All Mine” is like when “The New Workout Plan” met “Gold Digger” met The Life of Pablo and the result is fun, filthy and mesmerizing.