The Racket’s Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist

We’re now into Fall and Thanksgiving is here! The Racket has you covered for some tunes to play while everyone sits down at the table to celebrate the harvest and eviscerate a turkey.

1.  Kanye West- Family Business

Miss the old Kanye? Throw on this track from The College Dropout as you catch up with family members over a home cooked meal.

2.  Alanis Morissette- Thank U

This song about gratitude always reminds me of the fall, as that was the time Alanis released “Thank U” as the first single from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie as 1998 was coming to a close.

3.  Mary J. Blidge- Family Affair

Thanksgiving is often a family affair, and you may need to repeat Mary J’s mantra of “No more drama” over and over again while your fake news spewing relative goes on about Justin Trudeau.

4.  Oh, Hush!- Friends Are Family (feat. Will Arnett & Jeff Lewis

Can’t make it home for Thanksgiving? Get a group of friends together for a Friendsgiving! I love a good occasion with family or friends, especially when there is good food, good drink, and The Lego Batman Movie is involved.

5. Dido- Thank You

Remember Dido? She thanks you, and you’ll be thankful for this throwback slice of the 2000’s just as much as dessert.

6.  Adam Sandler- Thanksgiving Song

I’m just as over Adam Sandler as everyone else but there is a time and place for him at Thanksgiving and Christmas due to his songs about the holidays.

7.  U2- Crumbs From Your Table

Just as you’re finishing up a great meal, take some time to really be thankful (I mean, we featured two songs about it already). This track about people living in extreme poverty and facing other serious plights is the perfect way to end a Thanksgiving playlist. (Plus you’ll need something to turn up when that fake news believing relative starts on “the refugees”).