10 Tracks to Add to Your St. Paddy’s Day Playlist

So I LOVE St. Paddy’s Day… buuut I don’t really love Irish music (unless we’re talking U2). I suppose the real reason I love St. Paddy’s is because ya boi loves a theme so cladding myself in green works, and above all else I love hosting a get together with my friends, serving snacks and having some laughs over a few pints.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to add some contemporary music into the Paddy’s Day Playlist. Here are ten songs to sprinkle into your playlist like green food colouring in a pint:

1.      Great Big Sea- Goin’ Up

We’ll start in a pretty traditional place with Newfoundland’s own Great Big Sea and their 1996 single “Goin’ Up”. This song just screams Newfoundland kitchen party and is a great one to kick off the night as party guests are arriving.

2.      Rihanna- Cheers (Drink To That)

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! We now go from Great Big Sea to Rihanna. (I told you this isn’t your Pop’s Paddy’s Day Playlist). Riri let’s the Jameson Irish Whiskey sink in as the party gets underway.

3.      The Cranberries- Dreams

Our first Irish act on the list. “Dreams” was The Cranberries’ first single and an upbeat addition to any St. Paddy’s Day playlist. It’s also a nice homage to the band’s lead singer, Dolores O'Riordan who suddenly passed away in 2018.

4.      Classified- The Maritimes

This one goes out to all of the MUN students from Nova Scotia, as I’ve met and befriended a number of them during my time at Memorial. After all, Newfoundland is an Atlantic province, even if we’re not part of the Maritimes.

5.      U2- You’re The Best Thing About Me (Kygo Remix)

Certainly one of Ireland’s greatest exports, U2 released their fourteenth studio album, Songs Of Experience in 2017 with lead single “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” which proved to be the band’s most successful radio song in years. They also teamed up with Kygo to produce a remix that would be great for some Guinness or Harp influenced dancing or karaoke.


6.      House Of Pain- Jump Around

If you weren’t dancing before you should be straight up jumping now. Despite being released in 1992, this song is still a party pleaser.

7.      The Corrs- Breathless

Need to stop and catch your breath after ridiculously jumping around during House of Pain or do you just need another pint? Either way, this easy-breezy 2000 single from this Irish quartet is here for you.

8.      J-Kwon- Tipsy

Errbody in the club, (or in this case, at the house party) getting’ tipsy! J-Kwon is certainly not Irish, but this one hit wonder is sure to be a party pleaser.

9.      Niall Horan- Slow Hands

This lad had one of the biggest hits of 2017, which should be good for a group singalong.

10.  Chumbawumba- Tubthumping

Perhaps the ultimate drinking with your buddies song? “Tubthumping” is the perfect song to play as you wait for cabs (if they are running) on your way downtown.

Enjoy your St. Paddy’s Day celebrations, whatever they might be and remember to please drink responsibly!