A Little Piece of Autumn All Year Round: SpellBound Wicks Launches in St. John’s

The St. John’s Farmers Market features many local business that sell products ranging from homemade soaps and bath products, clothes, jewelry, and much more. One product that we haven’t seen much at the Farmers Market is homemade candles but that has recently changed.

SpellBound Wicks, founded and ran by Jeremy Snow, is a local candle company that prides in making 100% soy-based wax candles, with a special variety of scents. This company started as a thought in Snow’s mind and now has begun to grow into something much bigger.

“I’m a full-time night nurse and realized I was doing nothing on my days off and realized I needed a new hobby. I’ve always loved candles and have a keen interest in Wicca and combined those two to become my passion project.”

Snow said his goal for the company is to not only grow but to grow a business that adds value to his life. “I have always wanted something in my life that I feel an intense passion for and I feel that Spellbound Wicks has become that very thing.”

Following the values and lifestyle of Wicca as a guide, Snow takes inspiration from traditions, particularly Samhain, to create his scents and shape the image and brand.


According to Snow, Wild Blueberry has definitely been a customer favourite so far.”It’s a tart blend of wild ripened blueberries, citrus and a sprig of fresh cut lavender,” he said.

As a customer of SpellBound Wicks, I can assure you that these scents are to die for. With most of the scents themed around autumn seas.