Sin Jawns Style: Profiling Jordan Kent

Hello Racket Readers!

It’s been a minute since there has been a Sin Jawns Style, but trust me this one is worth the wait. If you are new to the column, Sin Jawns Style is a place for me to profile local humans whose style I admire. If you’ve been keeping up with the column for a while you’ll know that I usually profile people that I have known for some time, and have seen their aesthetic approach in multiple contexts.

For this edition, I threw all of that out the window and trusted my instincts when I decided to ask Jordan if I could profile him for the column. At that point, I had only known him for a few weeks. (We met through a yoga teacher training program that we are both completing.

This meant I had never seen Jordan in the wild (aka outside the yoga studio), so I was definitely taking a risk when I asked (I mean I guess it is possible for someone to always look good at yoga but then not outside the studio?). Lucky for me after he said yes I did an Instagram deep dive (@jorkent if you want your life to be enhanced) and sure enough my instincts did not let me down.

For absolute full disclosure, I was told that Jordan would be my type of human before I met him but was not told about the aesthetic genius I was about to experience. He is also so generous, kind, and truly lights up a room. I am quite literally #blessed to have had the chance to get to know him better and speak to him about his aesthetic.

(This interview has been lightly edited for clarity, and all images have been provided by Jordan Kent.)

How would you describe your aesthetic? 

I would say it’s pretty eclectic. Lately, I’ve been channelling a 70’s bohemian vibe with contemporary influences.

Jordan picture 1.png

How does your location influence your style?

Living in Montreal the past couple of years I’ve been immersed in fashion and beauty. I definitely got a lot of inspiration there to be who I am, feel comfortable, and to wear what I want to wear. I also was inspired being surrounded by the best shopping, I would argue in North America, it’s easy to be inspired living there. I wear a lot of colours and the weather inspired me in that way as well. Moving back to St. John’s a lot of my friends joked “What are you going to do now wear black and grey all the time because of the weather?” For a second I thought maybe I would go back to that, but I won’t be influenced by that whatsoever and I’ll keep wearing my colours.

Jordan picture 2.png

If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

It would probably be my activewear, like a yoga outfit or something.

What are your 5 key style essentials?

  • Awesome Glasses

I wear prescription glasses so it can be some great frames or shades.  

  • Chelsea Boots

They’re a must, for sure.

  • Hats

I recently invested in a Stetson, which was my first hat, and then I bought myself a Panama hat that I’ve been wearing all the time over the summer.

  • Side bag

I wear a bag at all times, especially in the summer because I think slacks or shorts with things in your pockets just looks horrible.

  • White Sneakers

They are a classic.


Jordan Picture 3.png

What messages are you trying to communicate to the world with your style?

 I’m trying to portray someone fun and artistic. Definitely confident, but not too forced or over the top.

Jordan Picture 4.png

What is your style pet peeve?

I’m probably going to sound like everyone, but I hate when I go anywhere and see people in pyjamas that’s a huge fashion faux pas for me.

What outfit gives you the most confidence?

 My Kimono, it is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn in my entire life.

Jordan Picture 5.png

When did you first develop your interest in aesthetics?

 Grade four, we always got a few new outfits for going back to school, but I remember that year I had these awesome yellow pants I had gotten from the Gap. They were super flashy, a little extra. I remember always caring about my appearance and how my hair would be done, but grade four was when I really started to notice it.

Jordan Picture 6.png

Who inspires your aesthetic?

 Celebrity-wise James Dean has always been an inspiration for me growing up for sure and Leonardo Dicaprio, young Leo (think Romeo & Juliet/Titanic era). My family as well, everyone always likes to dress nice. My Dad especially has been an inspiration for me, he has always looked effortless but put together. Super thrifty too actually, my Dad can pull off a George shirt better than anyone I’ve ever seen. My Grandmother is also someone who instilled in me there is a difference in having money and having class, and she emanates class. My brother is a huge inspiration to me too and he is younger.

How do your tattoos contribute to your overall aesthetic?

My tattoos are in places I can hide if I choose so be showing them it gives me the chance to demonstrate my more playful side.

Jordan Picture 6.png

What is your best style advice?

Definitely to have a few essential pieces that you can mix and match throughout the year and throughout your life. Don’t cheap out on shoes because a good pair can last you a lifetime. Be confident in what you are wearing. You don’t have to spend the most amount of money on something to make it look good.

To keep up with Jordan Kent, and see what he’s wearing next, follow him on Instagram @jorkent