Sin Jawns Style: Pride Edition

Hello Racket Readers!

Welcome to the Pride Edition of Sin Jawns Style! First, let me start by wishing you all a happy Pride Month! And second, let me apologize for having three exclamation marks in a row but it just felt right. So you now may be wondering ‘Susan this column is supposed to be where you profile local humans with a style that you admire, what is going on?’ Well because is it Pride Month I figured that warranted doing something a little different. So instead of talking to just one person with an aesthetic that I am into, I decided to talk to members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The way in which I did that was by taking submissions/posing questions to the public. Generally, with Sin Jawns Style I just ask the person I wish to profile if they are interested in an interview and graciously they have all agreed. Hopefully, that is a trend that continues (fingers crossed).

Picture 1 Pride.png

So the first thing I wanted to know about was personal Pride aesthetic. There are many symbols associated with the LGBTQIA+ community with the rainbow flag probably being the most recognizable (at least in this corner of the world). From the people I spoke to about this, there was a bit of a consensus around visibility. That during Pride month or Pride week (which is happening in St. John’s July 12-21), it is important to demonstrate that you are a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. This was especially emphasized to me by people who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community but happen to currently be in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender so that they sometimes get mistakenly perceived as heterosexual. My absolute favourite quote that I was given about personal pride aesthetic was “Less clothing, more rainbows.” This approach is definitely something I can get behind.

And thus speaking of personal pride aesthetic I thought it would only be fair for me to go into the archives to find one of my favourite Pride event photos.

Photo Credit: Andrew Garland

Photo Credit: Andrew Garland

This picture was taken at YUNG DUMB Pride event and not to date myself too much but it was not yesterday. Here I am with my ride or die friend Chris (we’ve known each other since we were 4 years old) covered in paint and glitter and could not be happier about it. Although my full outfit is not pictured I paired this green halter top with watermelon pink hotpants and rainbow knee socks. It was certainly was a ‘look’.

The next subject I addressed was of the numerous offerings of Pride-themed products. One example of this type of product is rainbow soled sneakers with certain companies they are partnering with LGBTQ organizations to make donations or to give a portion of the proceeds from the products, whereas other companies have not done the same. This is a controversial issue with multiple perspectives. One of these is the idea that capitalism is capitalism, these companies would be trying to sell you sneakers anyway so why not have sneakers that promote Pride in a highly visible way. Another perspective is that these companies are just profiting off the marginalization of a community and that the products they are making do not always adequately portray the company’s internal values. The last opinion on this I received was one of being grateful, and that we should be happy that such large companies are embracing the community in such a public way because there are still many places where that is far from the case.

Thus this concludes this special Pride Edition of Sin Jawns Style. I hope you enjoyed it! And if you need more Sin Jawns Style follow @sinjawnsstyle on Instagram. Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this article I am incredibly grateful for your insights.