Sin Jawns Style: Profiling Heather Power

Hello Racket Readers!

Welcome back to Sin Jawns Style, the column where I profile local humans with a style that I admire. As soon as I started this column I knew I would have to interview Heather Power. You may know her as Georgia from the iconic web-series The Manor, or you may know her as Brenda from Youtube fame (see Brenda Feeds the Ducks), or maybe you know her from being a costumier powerhouse in theatre, film, and television. I am fortunate enough to have known Heather literally my whole life, since before birth as our parents are best pals, and luckily we followed suit. I can verify that Heather indeed has been a style icon her whole life. She has the best style of anyone I have ever met and she provides me with endless inspiration. It is also important to note that outside of her style pursuits she just happens to be a comedic genius, a killer cook, a beauty guru, and my favourite person. Here is what she had to say about her personal style.

(This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.)

Can you describe your personal style in 5 words or less?

Bordering on 'a bit much'.

Picture 1 Heather.jpg

Who or what has the greatest influence on your aesthetic?

It comes from my mom and aunt Marie, townie Irish twins who grew up in downtown St. John's in the '60s/'70s, who are both style mavens. I remember as a kid the way my aunt's arm full of silver bangles danced and clicked sassily and I always thought it was magic. Mom and I spent a lot of time digging through thrift stores when I was a teenager before there were Instagram or Facebook or style blogs and I seemed to always be enchanted by things that reminded her of what she'd wear as a teenager that she'd pick out for me to try. Whenever I get a new savage garment or hat I usually text a pic to mom and Aunt Marie first. I think I have also learned how to dress for body shape through them, as we are all built the same. It has taught me that not all styles are going to be flattering on my body type, and that's okay because lots will be.

Picture 2 Heather.jpg

How has your style evolved?

Since I turned 30, I have made a conscious effort to try and stop wearing leggings so frequently. Leggings will always be my true love, but my efforts have been successful in making me feel like a bit more of a grown up. I have realized that you should wear whatever you want without consideration of the opinions of other people. Remember that nobody cares about anything but themselves, so you do you!

Picture 3 Heather.jpg

What are your three key style essentials?

i) Every outfit definitely needs a great jacket, especially in NL.

You need some sort of a jacket year round and it's often the only part of your outfit that is really seen. All kinds of coats. Classic trench coats, fancy puffers, bedazzled biker jackets, floor-length velvet dusters, fringe, sparkle shine anything and everything goes.

ii) Cowboy boots.

They are a timeless statement piece that speaks for themselves. They are always the thing I look for whenever I go on a trip and so they’re always filled with memories.

iii) I'm big on hats.

A sassy hat can pull together a look in a way that turns it into an outfit. Hats are an opportunity to show a lot of personality.

Picture 4 Heather.jpg

What is your favourite outfit you have ever worn and why?

I've worn the same $20 Urban Planet sparkly cupcake dress to every birthday party and New Years for at least the last six years. I guess it's stretchy enough it has fit me all through the years and I know it will never let me down in making me feel a certain kind of way. It is bordering on something a 3-year-old would haul out of their costume trunk. I don't know if it's my favourite, but it's definitely been iconic for me. I also have this really interesting purple jacket which I haven't even worn that much but for some reason, I always think it's the first thing I would grab if my house caught on fire.

Picture 5 Heather.jpg

When did you first realize that you had the knack for dressing yourself in such a visually stimulating way?

I've always felt the need to wear fancy clothes. Stuff that might make other people feel uncomfortable. Forever people have been telling me “I would never be able to pull that off' which is a concept I never understood. For many people, wearing a flashy new garment (even if they LOVE it) makes them feel as "shooketh" as showing up to middle school with a new haircut. In high school, I hung out with mostly skateboarder boys so it was never something I discussed daily with girls or competed with girls about. I'd just wear what I thought was cool which probably was weird and flashy and an old costume. I never thought people even liked or thought about my style until I won best dressed at my high school graduation and I was very confused because I thought Jennifer Monroe who had seventeen pairs of Tommy Hilfiger jeans was FOR SURE going to win.

For more about Heather, you can follow her on Instagram @heatherpower.