Sin Jawns Style: Profiling Chad Decker

Hello Racket Readers!

Welcome back to Sin Jawns Style, the column where I profile local humans with a style that I admire. For the third installment of this Racket, I wanted to choose someone that is outside my regular circle, so I decided to ask Chad Decker if I could profile him. I first met Chad professionally in 2018 because he has a company called People Stuff which specializes in human resources and basically all the things that have to do with people, hence the name. I thought this would add another layer to this column because he is so frequently making first impressions, and he details his own approach to that in this interview. In the past, I personally have found it to be challenging to walk the line of expressing personal style while also looking professional, so I am always captivated by people who do that successfully, which Chad does. So without any further ado, this is what Chad had to say about his personal style.

(This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.)

You’re in the business of making first impressions, what is the key to having a look that makes a great first impression?

For me its really about owning and feeling comfortable in what I wear. I also try and dress for the occasion, situation or person I am meeting.

Chad picture one.png

Is there a particular brand or person that influences your aesthetic?

No one particular but I have some brands that I love to wear. Right now I like Tiger of Sweden, A Fish Named Fred, Naked & Famous, Alberto, etc. I also like shopping at Civic Duty, John has some great quality products. I also shop at RW & Co for some day-to-day purchases.   

How has your style evolved?

I think I have evolved with the styles and trends. I enjoy the latest fashion trends and it influences what I wear.

Chad picture 2.png

If you had to wear the same thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Definitely a pair of jeans by Naked & Famous or Alberto, a nice clean and crisp high-quality T-shirt and a fashionable pair of Nike sneakers.

Chad picture 3.JPG

What are your five key style essentials?

  1. A few nice sports jackets.

  2. Colourful and bright dress shirts.

  3. A few pairs of great fitting Japanese denim jeans.

  4. Casual dress pants.

  5. A variety of footwear for different occasions.

What is your favourite outfit you have ever worn and why?

This one is difficult to answer, but I have owned a few suits that just made me feel like a million bucks.

Chad picture 4.jpg

What is your best style advice?

No matter what you decided to wear, own it. If something doesn't make you feel good about yourself don't wear it and find an alternative. Clothing can build confidence and give you a great feeling but only if you like what you see.