Sin Jawns Style: Profiling Bree Parsons

Hello Racket Readers!

Welcome back to Sin Jawns Style, the column where I profile local humans with a style that I admire. In this edition, I profile Bree Parsons, a hilarious comedian and sweet pal of mine. We first bonded over a love of brie, rosé, and matching outfits (and not much has changed on that front). Bree and I are definitely cut from a similar cloth when it comes to our approaches to fashion with a shared appreciation for the garments that could be considered ‘extra’ and we both know how to commit to a theme. In addition to having a style that always slays, Bree is making waves in the local comedy scene in St. John’s and is a performing powerhouse. Here is what she had to say about her style.

Bree picture 1.jpg

(This interview has been lightly edited for clarity, and all images have been provided by myself or Bree Parsons.)

How would you describe your general aesthetic?

I would describe my aesthetic as dramatic. I love to stand out from a crowd. Most of my clothing comes from vintage shops and thrift stores to make for a loud and eclectic collection. I run my own pop-up vintage clothing shop with my sister called Vintage Vixens and I also get to borrow and buy for that which is fun, and that's what clothing should be.

Bree Picture 2.jpg

What is your approach to performance wear?

I love to have fun with my performance wear as being a female comic I am usually in a male-dominated lineup, so I like to accentuate my femme side. Bright colours, short hemlines or power suits make me stand out amongst the men.

What is your favourite outfit or garment you’ve ever worn and why?

My favourite outfit I've ever worn is a bright yellow jumpsuit that has polka dots on it. I bought it in San Fransico to wear for my performance in the 2018 Braxton Comedy Festival. It was bold and made me look voluptuous, yet classy. 

Bree Picture 3.jpg

Tell me about your five key style essentials?

  • A chunky stacked heel, comfortable and they look fly. 

  • My Michael Kors purse. 

  • A dark lipstick.

  • My steamer to make sure whatever I end up leaving the house in looks fresh.

  • A pair of high-waisted jeans. Nothing tucks in the gunt quite like a pair of high Levi's.

What are you trying to say to the world with your style?

All I'm trying to say with my style is: wear whatever you want and never fear being considered ‘too much’ or overdressed.

Bree picture 4.jpg

How has your style evolved throughout your life?

While I've always been eccentric, my style was born of early Joan Jett and eventually moved towards being inspired by Stevie Nicks. I've always been inspired by strong powerhouse women. So I went from black hair and leather to my natural hair and flowy dresses and I still bounce back and forth to this day.

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life it would have to be my lady suit. It is loud and professional, yet comfortable. It feels like me in my truest form.  

Bree picture 5.jpg

What’s your best fashion advice? 

My best fashion advice is to buy clothes that fit your form whatever that may be. I spent so long squeezing into clothes that don’t work for my body because that's what everyone else is wearing but now that no matter what the size is, it's my size so it fits.

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To see Bree’s style and comedy stylings, you can catch her on August 1st at the Gander Festival of Flight, then at the 2019 Braxton Comedy Festival on August 17th, before hitting the road to the Maritimes with Scott Belford. You can also check Bree out on Facebook and Instagram.