Newfoundland Brewery Tour: Scudrunner Brewing, Gander

Scudrunner Brewing opened in Gander in June 2018 and is “for the people of Gander and Newfoundland,” owner David Jerrett told The Racket via email. Jerrett said Scudrunner is committed to bringing fantastic craft beer to central Newfoundland and “introducing Newfoundlanders to the craft beer industry”. “We strive to create a place locals can come to, to feel a sense of community and togetherness, and have a great beer with each other,” he added.


Scudrunner seems like a strange name and definitely does not roll off the tongue, but more “through the clouds”. According to Jerrett, an experienced pilot of over twenty years, the term “Scud Running” comes from the world of aviation and means “the art of skillfully navigating an aircraft around many small clouds (scud) in order to land.” Jerrett told us, “[a]viation is also a major part of Gander's history, so it made sense to bring these two things together! The name came to [me] one night, and Scudrunner was born.”

The process of starting a brewery is much harder than just coming up with a name though. According to Jerrett, “[i]t all starts with a dream that becomes a goal, and then finding and picking one of the many routes to get there.” He advised anyone who wants to get into the craft brewing scene to be patient, committed, be good at problem-solving and to have a persevering spirit. “It's hard work, long hours, yet at the same!” he said.

Jerrett believes that every brewery in Newfoundland is unique and has something different to offer, but Scudrunner’s key is their employees. “[W]e have a team of great employees who bring their own knowledge and personalities to the brewery that show in our beer,” he said. “Our taproom is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of togetherness for the people of Gander. We don't want to just produce beer, we strive to create an experience for people to come in, find friends, have a laugh, and drink a great beer.”

We stumbled upon one of these experiences during our visit to Scudrunner as the brewery was hosting a surprise birthday party for Jerrett but was still open to the public. Unfortunately, Mauzy Wit, the Belgian witbier we had been excited to try was no longer on tap. Only Test Flight #1 American Bitter, Frequent Flyer Ordinary Bitter, and Hop Duster Session IPA were pouring. We were hoping for a few more diverse options and found that the beers looked and tasted similar.


Jerrett said he can’t choose a favourite style of beer because “the craft beer industry is pushing limits and creating new and wonderful things every time” but admitted to being partial to porters, but open to things like sours. At the time of our correspondence though, Jerrett said, “[r]ight now, I can't lie, but my favourite type of beer is our Coffee Stout on Nitro we [at Scudrunner] have!”

When asked how the people of Gander and local craft beer enthusiasts have reacted to Scudrunner since opening, Jerrett said, “[t]he response has been nothing but positive. The people of Gander have been a huge support for us at Scudrunner. They seem to love the beer, the environment, and their overall experience.” He expressed his excitement about the whole process by saying, “[w]e are over the moon to introduce craft beer, and hope to expand the pallet of Newfoundlanders. We look forward to bringing more experiments to Gander, as well as keeping the beer that the people of Gander love the most! Our beer is for the people, and we plan to listen to them and deliver what they want.”

Pictured left to right: Test Flight #1 American Bitter, Frequent Flyer Original Bitter, Hop Duster Session IPA

Pictured left to right: Test Flight #1 American Bitter, Frequent Flyer Original Bitter, Hop Duster Session IPA

Scudrunner ran into some trouble shortly after speaking to The Racket when a sewer pipe under their parking lot, forcing them to close the taproom. Shortly after that, one of their brewhouse tanks began to malfunction and needed serious repair. All while this was being dealt with, a social media snafu seemingly resulted in the deletion of Scudrunner’s Facebook page. Given the brewery’s commitment to the people of Gander, the craft brewery scene in the province, and as Jerrett put it, “[creating] a place [where] locals can come [and] feel a sense of community and togetherness, and have a great beer with each other,” it will be interesting to see if Scudrunner can fly thtough this storm and get back on to clear skies.

You can learn more about Scudrunner Brewing by checking to see if they return to Facebook, and following them on Instagram @scudrunner_brewing

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