Mosaic Wit Reviews: #OvercastBurgerBattle The Final Round

For the past few years we have been excited to partake in The Overcast’s Burger Battle. In fact, one of our first dates occurred during the Burger Battle in 2017! In 2019. the title was vacated after The Fifth Ticket, who won in 2017 and tied in 2018 closed; and Adelaide, which tied for last year’s winner wasn’t a contender.

This year we manged to try a record nine burgers, and we’re hoping that The Racket can pick up where The Overcast left off, and present a similar food challenge in the very near future.

In this article, we will feature the nine burgers tried, and some thoughts on each one. Our top three didn’t match up with the people’s votes, and our critiques of the burgers won’t come across as pompous as those of the official critics. (Seriously b’ys, what type of fancy food do you eat on a daily basis?)

While not aiming to be petty and critical for no reason, we were serious about ranking and kept the rating scale consisting of ten categories including the burger’s name, the type of bun, price, how the meat tasted, and whether there was there a side offering. We rated whether or not we felt the burger required modifications, its toppings, cheese (because I love it and I believe it belongs on every burger), sauce, and the overall feeling of the restaurant. Each category received a rating out of five and the burger was ranked out a total of fifty and then divided to receive a score out of ten.

Without further adieu, here are the burgers we tried, followed by our rankings!

The Guv’nor Pub: Big Red Beef Burger


AP: Tasty; really liked the cheese curds! The rosemary bun was incredible! (Beer Pairing- Split Rock Brewing Co. Gateway IPA

KS: Hello cheese curds and Candian bacon! I liked the usage of NL craft beer in the BBQ sauce recipe. (Beer Pairing: Crooked Feeder’s Pale Wheat Ale.

Mill Street Brewpub: Basque Burger


AP: The chorizo patty really did it for me but could have used more of the avocado crema. (Beer Pairing- Mill Street Rye Rye T)

KS: I chose to ask for no onion, which AP wished he also did. Otherwise I would agree with the above review. The patty was smoky and spicy and the avocado crema was next level. (Beer Pairing- Mill Street Rye Rye T)

Magnum & Steins: Jerk Chicken Burger


AP: The flavours were amazing, but the lack of juiciness in the chicken kind of made it lacklustre for me. (Beer Pairing- Quidi Vidi Light)

KS: You really can’t compete with a Big Mary can you? I really loved everything about this burger but the chicken was dry. I’d have liked the mac n’ cheese to be a bit hotter too. (Beer Pairing- Quidi Vidi Light).

Bernard Stanley’s Gastro Pub- BSG Drunken Saucy Mess


AP: So wrong but so right. I was skeptical on whether this would work but the different layer of goodness centered around that bbq sauce just won me over. I literally dreamed about this after the fact despite the sloppy mess it left me in. (Beer Pairing - Calm Tom).

KS: Wow! Just wow! So many of the ingredients in this burger should not have gone together but they all did. Loved the pork belly and Cappuccino Stout sauce. This burger was so good we actually had it twice! (Bernard offered it for just $9 on February 26 with a donation to the food bank). (Beer Pairing- Quidi Vidi 1892).

Gypsy Tea Room: The Stellan Burger


AP: Duck bacon?! Closest thing I had to that is turr and this tasted way better than that. The meat in general on this thing was so good but that magical duck bacon really brought it together. (Beer Pairing - Iceberg).

KS: The best part of this was the duck bacon. It really made the burger for me. (Beer Pairing- Quidi Vidi Iceberg)

Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca: The Napolentao


AP: What the heck man. I was expecting pizza sauce on a big mac but this schooled my taste buds. Delicious patty, creamy cheese, and spicy ‘za flavours.

KS: PIZZA DOUGH FOR A BUN. OK. The patty and cheese were a perfect combo and the ragu sauce was so warm and surprising.

Saucy Mouth Food Truck: Beyond Bibimbop Burger


AP: I got sushi when I bit into this burg. That spicy mayo, seaweed garnish, and spicy-ish kimchi accompanied by a surprisingly delish patty. The smokey bun played nicely with the spicy innards. A little dry but Landwash made up for that. (Beer Pairing - Landwash flight).

KS: First off, let me say I was really impressed with the meatless patty and spicy mayo. They lost me with the kimchi and bun that tasted like you left it on the BBQ way too long. Definitely open to trying more veggie options like this though! (Beer Pairing- A flight from Landwash Brewery)

Mallard Cottage: Blue Dot Burger


AP: So American it kind of made me like the States a little bit. All around great burger focused on that tasty patty and OG toppings. Best kind.

KS: I’m not fancy enough to know what “Blue Dot Beef” is but now I don’t know if I ever want to eat any other type (found on Piatto’s burger as well). This burger lacked some flavour for me (though I did ask for no mustard) but again, the bacon saved the day.

Boca Tapas Bar: Boca Belotta Burger


*This entry came from reccomendation of Stephanie Curran

AP: I savoured this bad boy. I could have used more in the topping department but the chorizo patty, toasted buns and cheese were so tasty. (Beer Pairing - India).

KS: I wish I could have taken Mill Street’s patty and put it in this burger. It was quite tasty and I really liked the use of red pepper on the burger. (Beer Pairing- An expensive pint of Hoegaarden).

Official Rankings:


09. Saucy Mouth Food Truck

08. Magnum & Steins

07. Millstreet Brewpub

06. Mallard Cottage

05. The Guv’nor Pub

04. Boa Tapas Bar

03. Gypsy Tea Room

02. Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca

01. Bernard Stanley Gastro Pub


09. Saucy Mouth Food Truck

08. Mallard Cottage

07. Magnum & Steins

06. Millstreet Brewpub

05. The Guv’nor Pub

04. Boca Tapas Bar

03. Gypsy Tea Room

02. Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca

01. Bernard Stanley Gastro Pub

There you have it! Overall it was a fun month with some great burgers! We even got out and visted a number of spots we don’t usually frequent or were completely new to us. Here’s to hoping The Racket can keep up this winter tradition!