Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves

On Tuesday, in the opening days of their 2019 Burger Battle, The Overcast announced they were “over”. “The Overcast had a great run, but the runner’s high is giving way to aching legs and visions of a simpler life,” wrote editor Chad Pelley. “I have been dealing with daily deadlines for 1846 days in a row now, and come day 1850, I want to bask in the simple joy of a weekend off, and plotting what to do with the next five years of my life.”

During his Carter File segment on the NTV Evening Newshour, Glen Carter called The Overcast, “a mosaic of arts, entertainment and culture” and the question arose about someone else taking up the mantle and attempting to fill the community paper void left by The Overcast’s exit.

The Racket would like to fill that void. Obviously, at this point, we can’t simply step in, that would be like an ordinary citizen of Gotham City trying to step in and fill the void left from a seasoned Batman, without any real training, tech or know-how.

We have been operating for five months now, and perhaps it’s about time to reintroduce ourselves. Who are we? Well, to paraphrase a young Ryan Atwood from The O.C., we’re whatever you want us to be; better yet, we’re whatever we want to be.

Since we launched, The Racket has become a team of nearly a dozen people, some contributing articles, some working behind the scenes, all of us making a Racket about whatever we damn well please.

Our list of the site’s most read articles show the eclectic interests and passions of all The Racketeers, and these articles just scratch the surface.

First and foremost, we’re local. But we haven’t limited ourselves.

We, like many in the province are really into the local craft beer scene, and have published profiles on just about every brewery open in the province.

We’re not just about beer. We have delved into politics, and recently profiled the new NL Alliance Party.

Our contributor, Stephanie Curran has reviewed a number of local productions in the city and other Racketeers have reviewed albums, movies and television shows.

We also have the weekly column, East Meets West, written by a talented woman who hails from Ontario, spent time in Sin Jawns and now calls Vancouver home.

We even post recipes for you to try.

We’re all that, and we want to be more. We want to help fill the void left by The Overcast. We want to publish year end awards like they did and host a local food challenge like the Burger Battle. In order to do that, we need your help. Give us a like, a follow, or send us an email.

We’re starting a Racket, and together, I think we can make a lot of noise.