Record Fair NL Offers a Vast Collection to Vinyl Enthusiasts

Record Fair NL is a biannual event that celebrates the vinyl community in Newfoundland and Labrador with its next event being held at the Holiday Inn on June 2. Co-founders of Record Fair NL, Doug and Melisa Jones, spoke to The Racket via email about the event and to go on the record about what vinyl lovers can expect.

The Jones’ called Record Fair NL a “one of a kind event that gives collectors the opportunity to dig through thousands of records, talk music and vinyl, and meet other collectors.” The idea for the event stemmed from numerous online vinyl, CD, and cassette groups. The couple said they come from a DIY background so they just decided to get the ball rolling and put together an event.

This will be the third Record Fair NL. The Jones’ reserved a hall for their first event in a reserved hall but after that success, they set their sights on a bigger space, this time in a salon at the Holiday Inn.

Photo credit: Ritche Perez

Photo credit: Ritche Perez

Admission for Record Fair NL is two dollars (and free for children under 12) and attendees can “expect a fun family friendly environment, great music playing in the background as you crate dig.” Vendors will not only be selling vinyl but also CDs, cassettes, accessories, memorabilia, and other music-related collector items. There will also be designated areas for hanging out and socializing, including a colouring table for kids and the young at heart.

There will be 50 tables at the event featuring 28 unique vendors who answered an open call sent out by Record Fair NL. These vendors range from people who are simply looking to unload some of their personal collection to long time sellers and established local record stores.

All genres of music are set to be represented at Record Fair NL from 1940’s Jazz, to current artists, Country, Newfoundland, Punk, Hip-Hop, Metal, and Blues. According to the Jones’, prices will vary from $1 to hundreds.

We were curious as to what the Jones’ think has led to the resurgence of vinyl.” Some people will jump right to sound quality and there are plenty of arguments to be made,” said Doug. “Some will also argue about the "cool" factor. However, there's are some other things that come to mind. In a digital age, many people want something tangible, something they can hold in their hands. It's nice to be able to enjoy the art and content of album covers and liner notes.”

Photo credit: Doug Jones

Photo credit: Doug Jones

“The collector aspect is huge,” added Melisa. “Vinyl collectors are still streaming music in the car and on the go, but at home, people want to take out the earbuds and spin an album while they unwind and relax. There's something to be said for the thrill of finding the desired LP in a random cardboard box at a yard sale, market or record store. Some collectors are also drawn to rare jewels; that hard to find record, limited pressings, and colored vinyl.”

So what records to the Jones’ hold near and dear in their collections? For Doug, it’s a copy of AC/DC’s Live From Atlantic Studios, something he hasn’t spotted an original copy of in the province. Melissa’s most prized possession is a new reissue coloured vinyl of Blind Melon’s Soup, limited to only 500 copies

During Record Fair NL, Doug is hoping to find a copy of Emile Benoit’s Emile’s Dream. “I don’t have a specific want list for the Record Fair, but I always manage to find LOTS of records buy,” said Melissa.

For more information about Record Fair NL, you can like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, @recordfairnl and Instagram, @recordfairnl