Quidi Vidi Brewing Co. Aims to Help You Enjoy a Snow Day like You’re a Kid Again

Does anyone remember the 2000 film Snow Day? It’s totally acceptable if you don’t. The film received negative reviews but was a box-office success. The plot revolves around a group of elementary school students who are thrilled to learn the news that school has been closed after a blizzard and a snow day has been called. Unsatisfied with one day off, these greedy kids (though who can really blame them) concoct a plan to ensure that school is closed for a second day by stopping the snow plow driver from cleaning up the streets.

Image borrowed from  Wikipedia

Image borrowed from Wikipedia

You don’t need any wily pre-teens to ensure unplowed streets in St. John’s but snow day shenanigans do not often reach the epic proportions that go down in Snow Day. Quidi Vidi Brewing Co. wants to change that and The Racket has the details.

Quidi Vidi Brewing Co. has organized an event called “Nippyween”, which they are calling a “magical snow storm Dayboil”. According to the event’s page on Facebook, “The next snow storm that shuts down the city is Nippyween. It’s a fun day of team games like marshmallow tower building, tug of war and a 40 vs 40 snow ball fight. Teams will compete and the King and Queen of Nippyween will be crowned!”

Image borrowed from  Facebook .

Image borrowed from Facebook.

But what does “Nippyween” even mean? “The name is like Halloween except that it’s freezing out. All the fun and magic [of Trick or Treating], but with snowballs instead of candy,” said Allison Collins, Quidi Vidi Brewing Co.’s events manager.

Tickets for this event cost $39.99 plus applicable service charges and HST and include pick-up and drop off from Jiffy Cabs, lunch, a welcome pint and what Collins refers to as “a ridiculous amount of snowstorm fun.”

The problem with Nippyween is no one knows when exactly it’s going to be. The event hinges on the next weather system that brings enough significant snowfall that effectively shuts down St. John’s. Participants are encouraged to stay tuned to QV’s social media pages for confirmation as to when Nippyween will take place. Collins is no meteorologist but she thinks the next big snowstorm will occur in mid-February.

The Racket reached out to PAL Aerospace meterologist Brian Walsh via Twitter to get his two cents. He said there was nothing that significant currently in the forecast in terms of snow and that he wasn’t comfortable making a concrete guess. “Sometime in February or March is the best I’d say,” he said.

Along with Nippyween, Quidi Vidi Brewery has organized a number of new events like Flight Club, which is their exclusive beer club that will hold court on the first Saturday of every month. Members will be able to taste unreleased beers and sample new recipes as well as other perks like a free growler on your birthday. The first event took place on February 2.

We asked why the brewery thought it was important to develop new and innovative events like Flight Club and Nippyween. “We are committed to fun times, community, and creating interesting events to help add to the rich culture of St. John’s,” said Collins.  It’s very important for us to have events like this as it is the best way to give our people what they want: fun and unique events paired with delicious beer.”

As for what’s next for Quidi Vidi Brewing Co, they will be releasing a series of beers in collaboration with the Newfermenters, a Facebook group made up of Home Brewers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. The result will be a Milky Way IPA, Iron Cherry Sour, Uncle Fred’s Kolsch and Perfect Storm Dunkleweizen. QV’s Bog and Barrens Imperial bakeapple gose should also be hitting shelves at the end of the month.

Image borrowed from  Facebook .

Image borrowed from Facebook.

For the latest Quidi Vidi Brewing Co. news including a definite announcement about Nippyween, you can like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram @quidividibeer