East Meets West- Party Long Weekend Style: The 90s Edition

It still causes me to pause and take a deep inhale when I realize that people born in 2000 can drink. It doesn’t make me feel old though cause I ain’t slowing down. I still feel like a teenager; ambitious, horny, curious, and ready to grab the world by the tail.

My 20s were a quest in eradicating, ignoring and flat out refusing to accept who I was, and I was even further from appreciating who I was. But guess what? That super tall for her age girl with the multicolour braces and plum lipstick was a great person. She was kind and tenacious and had a sense of self. Good job Teen-Steens!

There’s something that chronological teens and metaphorical teens can mutually get behind- a long weekend baby. When we were younger, Victoria Day was the beginning of the end of the school year, one more month to push through until sweet summer. So this weekend, in between your beer swilling and your blunt smoking, splash around in this 90s playlist (that’s right, another one and so frequently, it’s my column and I’ll do what I want. Kinda. Hi Kris! You’re amahzing! Xox).

Take a moment and remember the earlier stages of the person you are now, take them out for a spin and revel in how far you’ve come and maybe try on the dreams that you might have given up. You’re allowed to grow and evolve. You’re allowed to be embarrassed and maybe ashamed of certain pieces of yourself, just like you’re allowed to forgive. And dammit, you’re allowed to enjoy some one hit wonders and a playlist that you still know the lyrics to and that’ll make you want to wear your Berry Heavenly Lip Smacker and make out till your lips are numb.

Enjoy the jams and some of the memories associate.

The Bangers

1. Edwyn Collins- A Girl Like You

The compilation Now! That’s all I’m gonna say.

2. Jimmy Ray-Are You Jimmy Ray?

3. Meredith Brooks-Bitch

Late grade school I still played sports, and was good. I will always think of my girl Mary when I hear this and walking across the field arm around each other in the sunshine after we won the three pitch tournament singing this at the top of our lungs.

4. Ol' Dirty Bastard- Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) (feat. ODB &Mýa)

5. 702-Where My Girls At?

6. Mariah Carey- Heartbreaker (feat. Jay-Z)

7. Faith Evans- Love Like This  

True Story, my first email was disco_queen21@hotmail.com. I feel like “Love Like This” really helped pave the way for that to be a thing. Twenty years later I might be having a DJ disco playlist playing right meow…

8. Love Inc.- Broken Bones

I got teased/bullied early on (sadly, like so many).. Well, let’s give a round of applause for Love Inc. because even though words do hurt, words put to music and infectious electronic beats taped off the radio, played over and over and dancing alone in your room really help to heal.

9. White Town- Your Woman

My one friend use to host bumpin birthday parties, I think it was the massive amounts of sugar from swilling Kool Aid all night that made them so good. We would do lip syncing for or life, and I was OBESSED with this song, in all its melancholy ennui fueled rejection. Somehow it still made people laugh and cheer “encore!”

10. All Saints- I Know Where It’s At

Give Me A Slow Jam

1.   Sky- Love Song

*I was a swoony kid, still am. My moon is in Pisces, but anyways. I remember seeing the music video of this on YTV’s The Hit List (shout out to Tarzan Dan) , all these 20s somethings in making out in this giant mansion anywhere and everywhere with a green light and thinking “I cannot wait to grow up”.

2.  The Flys- Got You Where I Want You

Basically if a song was on Dawson’s Creek, I’ll know it. Your girl was lucky, the teen movie game of the late nineties was strong. Can’t Hardly Wait? American Pie? Cruel Intentions? You better werk bitch. This is one of the songs that would be playing when I would make out with my high school boyfriend in his mom’s car a few houses away from mine so I wouldn’t be late for curfew but optimize all the smooching time I could. Make out bandit for life.

3.  Santana- Maria, Maria- Santana (feat. The Product G&B)-

9th grade dance, wearing a crimson crushed velvet tank top, wall flowering it a bit, hoping someone would ask me to dance telling myself that “someday I’ll be out there dancing. This is just the start of high school, it’ll be ok.” And it was- before the end of the year, I got super involved, plays, student council, committees. I was pals with the president and we even had our own song that we only dance to with each other (“All or Nothing” by O Town, thanks for asking).

4.  Lenny Kravitz- Fly Away

5.  Usher-Nice and Slow

6.  Monifah- Touch It

Before Xtina was too dirty to clean her act up, the late 90s had a rash (oh poor choice of words) of songs that were way too filthy, as I way too young, to enjoy. Like “Pony”, “Too Close”, and “Touch It”. Scandalized I say! But I did enjoy them, from the very first time I heard them- at the fucking roller rink of all places.

7.   Marcy Playground-Sex and Candy

8.  Shawn Mullins- Lullaby

* I watched a lot of Much Music. A lot. And I distinctly remember seeing this video fell for that whole “poor little rich girl” in the Hollywood hills troupe. And I ate it up with a fucking spoon and am still waiting for some dude to play me a song on his guitar tell me I’m a child of the stars.

9.  Lauryn Hill-Ex-Factor

10.   Janet Jackson- I Get Lonely (TNT Remix feat.BLACKstreet)