Newfoundfood: Instagram Account Highlighting Local Restaurants

If you have a good meal and you didn’t post a photo on Instagram, did you even eat it? Scrolling through The Racket’s Insta feed several months ago, I stumbled upon an account called Newfoundfood. The account is credited to “Where To Eat St. John’s?” and claims to support restaurants and small businesses throughout the city. The account only has a little more than a dozen posts, but over 1,500 people are following. The Racket reached out to this account to discuss who they are and where we should eat in St. John’s.

“Newfoundfood is an individual who loves eating out and trying new dishes with different gastronomic concepts,” they said, wishing to remain anonymous. “One of our favorite parts about this experience is to share my love for food with everyone who’s interested.” Newfoundfood has experience working in restaurants and feels that they know what makes for a good dining experience. That said, Newfoundfood also believes that if you are someone who likes to try new foods and step out of your comfort zone, then you too could run a credible restaurant review social media account.

The idea for the account came from watching the Netflix show Master of None starring Aziz Ansari. In one episode, the main character takes part in a cooking television show. “ I created an Instagram account with a friend, called Best Food Friends, where we posted pictures of ourselves and other friends eating around different cities in the US. Then, Newfoundfood was basically a re-birth of the first account, but in a more serious tone and located in St. John's.”

Newfoundfood raved about Chinched Restaurant and Deli’s fried pig ears,

Newfoundfood raved about Chinched Restaurant and Deli’s fried pig ears,

Keeping with a theme, Newfoundfoods only posts pictures related to eating with dishes ranging from chain restaurants like Fionn MacCool’s, and Jack Astor’s to Zapata’s Mexican and Canadian Cuisine and The Adelaide Oyster House.  

Zapata's Mexican Restaurant’s club quesadilla

Zapata's Mexican Restaurant’s club quesadilla

According to Newfoundfood, a perfect restaurant must have a combination of good service, fresh and tasty dishes and a good atmosphere. “No one likes a bad server, [and you want a restaurant] that makes you want to come back to it,” they said.

Dishing on restaurants both locally owned or chain, we asked Newfoundfood who has the best menu. “India Gate has an amazing butter chicken,” they said. If you are at India Gate and your sweet tooth is craving dessert, Newfoundfood also noted Shalimar which is located just two doors down. “It’s much smaller [than India Gate] but their desserts are also incredibly good.”

Curious as to which restaurant provides the best meals at a reasonable price, Newfoundfood responded: “Fort Amherst Pub, hands down.” Their menu features starters ranging from eleven to eighteen dollars and mains no more than thirty. If craft beer is your thing, Fort Amherst Pub also boasts an impressive selection including the latest offerings from Split Rock Brewing Co.

Since launching, Newfoundfood said the response from followers has been “incredible”. So far no restaurants have reached out for a review but as followers grow, this could change. For now, Newfoundfood wants to remain anonymous and let the meals and reviews speak for themselves.

Follow Newfoundfood on Instagram, @newfoundfood.