Ten Tracks To Play At Your New Year’s Eve Soiree

I ended up mentioning The O.C. a couple of times in my last playlist post and I’m about to do it again. In the season one episode that was set during New Year’s Eve, Summer says something along the lines of “the way you spend New Year’s Eve is the way you spend the entire year” and that always stuck with me for some reason. Her theory has not always rung true for me but I have ten more songs that you can add to your playlist for New Year’s Eve should you have plans to attend a party or even if you are staying in and calling your local radio station and making a request and claiming to be Justin Timberlake; which I have definitely never done…

Counting Crows- A Long December 

This is a sobering start to the list but it is definitely normal to do some reflecting about the previous 364 days on the last one of the year. The song is a little slow but also hopeful. A good way to kick off the night. 

Finley Quae- Dice (feat. William Orbit & Beth Orton) 

So another song I heard on The O.C. I don’t really think it has much to do with NYE but it plays at the end of the season one episode called “The Countdown” and I have always equated it with the last night of the year. It’s the great soundtrack for rushing to a swanky hotel party to kiss your significant other, leaving a swingers party, or finally getting together with your crush…at least that is what happened on the show. 

Justin Timberlake- Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) 

This one goes out to anyone who is partying it up in a big way on the last day of the year. A toast to a fancy evening where you’re all dressed up and celebrating. JT’s music has become pretty universal and is a great choice for any party. 

Prince- 1999 

A song about the end of the world has never sounded so upbeat has it? This is another great choice to please just about anyone. Why not party it up at the end of the year since you don’t know what’s in store? 

Will Smith- Will 2K (feat. K-Ci) 

This song is a bit dated but I suppose so is Will Smith’s music; that being said I still enjoy it. The lyrics about Y2K and the new millennium won’t really apply but the rest of the song us about partying on New Year’s Eve and samples “Rock The Casbah” so what’s not to like?! 

Jennifer Lopez- Waiting For Tonight (Hex's Momentous Radio Mix) 

Another song where the video counts down to the year 2000. Remember when that was a thing? At twelve years old, I was legitimately scared the world would end when the clock struck midnight and we entered the new millennium. Anyway, this song fits great on a NYE playlist because obviously if you have plans you are waiting for the night and this remix is pretty epic and you can dance you face off to it. 

Beyoncé- Countdown 

What party playlist is complete without Queen Bey? ”Countdown” is perfect to play just before the clock strikes 12. She literally counts down here and the song is definitely a fun one to dance to. 

 Drake- Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys) 

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like some Fireworks right? This is a pretty chill song but still good to play at a party. Hopefully, all you see in 2019 is fireworks. (You know, because they look nice and are put off during a celebration and that would be a great way to spend your year- celebrating). 

Kanye West- FACTS 

Kanye West has gifted us with a new song on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day: “Only One”“FACTS”. “FACTS” is the perfect song to kick off the year with swagger and confidence. Perfect for boasting about how great you are and which couch you should buy and how you can jump over Jordan. 

U2- New Year’s Day 

“All is quiet on New Year’s Day”. I generally find this to be true as I often end up spending the first day of the year partaking in a family meal of deep fried turkey. It is also a time of a bit of reflection and hope for the coming year. I love this song (because I love U2) but is sort of sums up the theme of reflection and hope. There is also something really romantic about the lyrics “I want to be with you/Be with you/night and day/Nothing changes on New Year's Day…” 

There you are. I hope that however you spend your New Year’s Eve, it is exactly the way you want it to be. To quote JAY- Z- “may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows”.