Mick Foley Heads From Hell to Right Here, in St. John’s, Newfoundland!

When WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley posted that he was taking his Twenty Years Of Hell one-man show across Canada, fans on the East Coast were hoping for shows. Newfoundland fans of the Hardcore Legend surely felt uneasy when Foley commented on Facebook that more dates were likely to be added, including some in the Maritimes. It seemed that the typical “cross-Canada” tour would likely end in Halifax and ignoring The Rock. To our surprise, as August ended, it was announced by EWE Entertainment that Mick Foley would be bringing the Twenty Years Of Hell Tour, right here, to St. John’s Newfoundland! The event sold 300 tickets in the first day and ended up moving to a bigger venue making it the fastest selling and biggest show of the tour.

The Twenty Years Of Hell Tour was in celebration of the infamous Hell In A Cell match from King of the Ring 1998, when Foley, as Mankind battled The Undertaker. Twenty years ago, Mick Foley walked into this match as a workhorse that WWE could count on and was stretchered out a legend of the company’s Attitude era.

“I hope you will come on out and watch as I bring that infamous night from 1998, the [Hell In A Cell] match that changed everything for me,” Foley posted to his Facebook page upon announcing the Canadian tour. “It’s laugh out loud funny – but it’s not a stand-up comedy show! It’s an in-depth look at the origin, execution, aftermath and legacy of one of the most famous nights in sports entertainment history!”

Tickets for the event cost $30 or $70 for general admission and VIP. Those who purchased VIP tickets received a meet and greet with Foley, as well as a photograph with the Hardcore Legend and a limited edition piece of artwork featuring Mick Foley’s three famous personas, Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love, created by Doug Halliday Artwork.

Foley did not disappoint. If you have read any of his four best-selling biographies, you know that he has a very keen writing style that is well-spoken yet accessible to readers which he also displayed on stage. Foley told the story of the infamous Hell in a Cell match and the events that lead up to it. He even weaved in stories about his family, his colleagues including The Undertaker, Goldust, and Terry Funk, the McMahon family, and even the current sitting President of the United States, Donald Trump, who just happens to be a member of the same WWE Hall of Fame induction class as Foley. We were even let in on Foley’s perfect idea for a WrestleMania worthy storyline with Roman Reigns that left the audience interested and roaring with laughter.

Photo courtesy of Chris Bailey

Photo courtesy of Chris Bailey

The Hell in a Cell match would only last seventeen minutes, but in that time; Foley was thrown off the cell structure, (an announce table broke his fall) and slammed through it, crashing to the ring, which drove his front tooth up into his nose. “Good god almighty they killed him!” cried legendary commentator Jim Ross during the first toss from the cell. “As God as my witness, he is broken in half!” Oh, and he also had to take a beating from The Undertaker and get slammed onto hundreds of thumbtacks before losing the match and ending the whole ordeal.

In his first memoir, Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, the Hardcore Legend detailed a story about being met by a number of fans at the airport in St. John’s during WWE’s visit to the province in 1997. One fan in particular who had a video camera and Foley believed was zooming in on fellow WWE Superstar Chyna’s chest. The fan who Foley described as looking like a “sheep molester” ended up being a prop in a practical joke by the late Owen Hart. “Now when that little pervert from Newfoundland watches his home videos, he not only has clips of Chyna’s breasts, but tape of me with my arm around him as well,” he wrote.

Photo courtesy of Chad Everard

Photo courtesy of Chad Everard

The “sheep molester” was not in the audience on Thursday, or at least he didn’t identify himself during the Q&A portion of the evening, but OZFM’s Stephen Lethbridge did address the story during an on-air interview hours before the show. Lethbridge told the Hall of Famer that Newfoundlanders are known for their kindness and generosity. “That’s what I hear,” Foley replied. “I’m known as one of the nicest guys in wrestling, and that makes me kind of like a jerk in Newfoundland.”

Despite travel issues, Foley’s trip to St. John’s had to have turned out to be much better than his last visit in 1997. “Thank you #NEWFOUNDLAND for a fantastic event” Foley Tweeted. “- a GREAT way to end the #20YearsOfHell!”

EWE Entertainment was responsible for bringing the Twenty Years Of Hell Tour to the province. The group made up of Doug Halliday, Peter Walley, and Steve Clarke called the show “a massive success.” They made sure to thank everyone involved including promoter Ryan Dennee, Michael Patrick, the CLB Armoury, Skinner's DJ & VJ Services, Amanda Shaw, Sean Nolan, Andrew Roil, and Tony King for helping to organize and execute the event. EWE Entertainment posted to their Facebook page, “Great job St. John's! Thank you!”

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