A Message to Readers of The Racket:

We haven’t been making much of a Racket lately, and it looks as if things are about to change.

Racket Tricolournowords.png

This might sound a little familiar:

Running The Racket has been quite the racket in itself. We launched on September 1, 2018, and hit the ground running trying to make as much noise as possible. We had the ambitious plan to run one piece of new content every day, and for over 100 days we just about did that, having only missed posting new content on four occasions leading up to Christmas break.

Feeling a little burnt out, we scaled back a bit in the new year, reducing the number of days throughout the week where new content was posted, doubled up and paired our weekly columns (recipes and East Meets West), and recapping the week’s newest content and top stories throughout the weekend.

Then, news that The Overcast, (a publication that we hoped to emulate) had shut down gave us a renewed sense of purpose. We wanted to help fill the void left by them, and we began a campaign to get more exposure with local media outlets as well as our own social media channels.

This worked to an extent but any ads published on Facebook or Instagram came out of our pockets. This combined with the self-imposed stress of deadline posts began to contribute to a slightly deteriorating mental health and by June, running The Racket out of a love for everything St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, and more simply was not enough.

Sometimes it really felt like we were on the right track. Especially with our media appearances. We had hoped to keep some of The Overcast’s traditions alive like local year-end awards, and food challenges, and we were very close to finalizing a small food challenge in June as a dry run for an even bigger one this winter, but things fell through at the last minute with one of our partners.

So August 28, 2019 is here and very much in the eleventh hour, we managed to scrape together the funds needed to keep the site up and running for another year.

I must say I was quite surprised and humbled by the kind words and offers to help from our readers when it looked like we couldn’t continue. Some of the ideas put forward were really great and I’d like to work together soon in order to strengthen our presence in St. John’s, and throughout the province. Let’s keep that dialogue going though, it’s nice to hear from our readers.

I would like to thank anyone who has read, liked, or shared our articles, and especially like to thank all of our contributors. Without you, The Racket would not be the diverse voice that the website found and I hope we continue to grow.

Going forward, at least for the next little while, we will likely have a more sporadic posting schedule so stay tuned to our social media channels for updates.

On September 1, 2018 we started a Racket. Now, just a few short days before our first birthday, let’s get even louder.

-   Kristopher Smith