Kate Fudge Art Makes Life More Colourful

The holiday season is approaching, and some of our readers might be thinking about holiday shopping. You might be interested in something from Kate Fudge Art, run by local artist, Kate Fudge who creates cartoon portraits of just about everything from people, animals, and celebrities. You may be familiar with Fudge's work, which brings people to life with pops of colour, and extreme accuracy.


“My mom says that I’ve always been into art and it was her creativity and love of art inspired me growing up," said Fudge. "My dad says that he knew I was artistic when I was around two years old. He was watching TV in the armchair of our apartment while I was very quietly drawing hundreds of smiley faces with a Sharpie marker on the wall behind him. I was always encouraged by my family and friends to be myself and be creative.”

Practice made perfect in the case of Fudge's case, as now, she is taking commissions and making a profit from doing what she loves. “I started selling my cartoon doodles last year in July. I had recently purchased a digital tablet and a few friends asked to be cartooned. Word spreads REALLY fast in Newfoundland. I did a bunch of cartoons throughout my school year at CNA and into this past summer. There’s been close to four hundred cartoons since then.”

It is very easy to get a commissioned piece with Fudge, just simply contact her over her social media. “Once I receive an order, through Facebook, Instagram or email, I put it on a growing waitlist," she said. "Then I get to work. I might start a few pieces and work on a bunch at one time, or I might start one and finish one. Then, I print them, spend a bit of time packaging them properly and then the prints go off to Canada Post.”


When you order a commissioned piece, you receive one digital copy, and two physical copies in the mail. “My favorite part of the process is honest to god, mailing them out," said Fudge. "I used to love sending mail when I was younger; having pen pals and receiving Forever21 packages were the best.”

Having both digital and physical copy means you can give and share them. Along with commissions for personal photos and portraits, Fudge also explores creating cartoons of her favourite celebrities and characters, including local celebrities such as Mark Critch, Vicki Mullaley, and Jessika Petten. Fudge has even created Christmas cards for this holiday season, expanding on the products that she is most known for.


The best part about supporting Kate Fudge Art is the fact that consumers can make art=work for this artist. Creating a full-time job for Fudge is such a celebration for the arts community.

“It all started out to practice digital art, then ended up becoming a side hustle, then part-time gig, and now a full-time job," she said. "I’m working hard every day to try to make my passion project a real sustainable gig for myself going forward.”

To get in touch with Kate Fudge Art, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at @katefudgeart, or by email at katefudge@hotmail.com. Commissions take about three weeks to complete, so make sure you get all of your orders in before the holidays.