Legalization & Economic Growth: HomeGrow Experts NL is Planting Roots in Corner Brook

It seems that Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election promise to legalize marijuana has gone through several hoops and setbacks but as the smoke cleared and the official date of October 17 was announced, things became to come into focus. With the official legalization date announced, companies began hiring sprees in order to be ready. HomeGrow Experts NL located in Corner Brook has been preparing for October 17 and have what you need when it comes to growing cannabis, and just about everything else in your home. HomeGrow Experts NL chatted with The Racket via email about home their new business.

HomeGrow Experts NL is owned by Kimberly and Devon Pardy and operates as in indoor gardening and hydroponics supply store. According to Devon Pardy, the seeds for HomeGrow Experts NL were planted from a group of friends who are “lifetime growers” and share a passion for “everything green”. They saw a significant need for a store that could not only supply people with the equipment to grow anything in their home but provide the customer with service and expertise. “From vegetables and herbs all the way to marijuana, HomeGrow Experts NL provides growers a friendly environment to fill all their growing needs,” said Pardy.

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With the legalization of marijuana, residents of Newfoundland will be able to grow up to four plants in their household. “We are expecting this will definitely lead to an increase in business and people wanting to learn how to grow marijuana,” said Pardy. He encourages people to take the time to learn the proper ways to grow the plant safely and with the right equipment as he believes it can be a “fun and therapeutic pastime” when done properly.

We were curious as to whether or not Pardy and the team at HomeGrow Experts NL are worried that people will look at their business in a stereotypical manner because of their affiliation with marijuana. “I certainly hope not,” he said.  “I understand that it is something that will probably happen from time to time, but we are a store that provides every grower with the right tools to grow anything in their home,” Pardy said this includes systems and products for growers who are interesting in herbs, flowers, vegetables, and other plants, reiterating HomeGrow Experts NL’s passion for everything green.

“There are all kinds of different plants that people can grow in their home,” said Pardy. “We are currently testing a variety of seeds for indoor plants that we hope to have for sale very soon.” He told us that HomeGrow Experts NL already or plans to sell seeds that will allow customers to grow lettuce, bell peppers, basil, thyme, mint, strawberries and more in their own homes. “With the equipment that is available, today growers can grow just about anything in their home year round, or at least start their plants indoors in order to plant them outside in the spring.”

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When it comes to growing plants in your home, Pardy said the most important thing is to make sure the products are safe and reliable. “Research the different equipment available and the best methods for your home. You can do this simply by going online or stopping by our store and speaking with a grow expert,” he said. Once the preliminary research is complete, Pardy said growing can be very fun and easy due to the simple set-up and low maintenance of the growing equipment. “Having patience and enjoying the experience of growing is one of the best ways to pass the time and relax,” he advised.

HomeGrow Experts NL is located at 27 West Street in Corner Brook. Once their website launches, customers will be able to view a full product listing and orders can be shipped all across Canada. For more information, you can like HomeGrow Experts NL on Facebook.