Lost City of Atlantis Re-Emerges at Escape Quest

The lost city of Atlantis has been hiding in plain sight at Escape Quest ever since the end of October. The local business which specializes in escape room adventures launched the room that connected the island of Newfoundland to the legendary lost city.

“This is our most immersive room yet and, as always, we are pleased to put a local spin on the legend of [Atlantis],” explained Escape Quest Co-owner Kevin Noseworthy via press release.  “We’ve combed through the legends and the theories about Atlantis, and imagined what such a civilization might build here in Newfoundland, and what secrets they would hide. We really wanted players to genuinely relate to the story and experience. It quickly became one of the most engaging storylines that we had worked on”.

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According to Escape Quest’s story, Atlantis’ ruins are buried under the cliff off the East Coast Trail. “This room casts our players as a team of researchers tasked with exploring the structure and unlocking its secret energy source,” Escape Quest Co-owner Mark Denine told The Racket via email.

He called this room Escape Quest’s “most immersive experience to date”. “Our use of technology cements this illusion, creating the secret chambers and booby traps one would expect in a tomb raiding adventure,” explained Denine. “We have utilized more high tech puzzles in this room than in any of our previous endeavors, and we are excited to have our patrons experience this new adventure.”

Lost City of Atlantis also draws inspiration from Newfoundland’s geology. According to Denine, tomb raiding and ruins exploration are popular themes in the Escape Room industry, and Escape Quest wanted to put their spin on it. “We always want a local spin on our scenarios, and since Newfoundland doesn't feature an abundance of pyramids to explore, Atlantis offered us an opportunity to bring this style of room to our facility,” he said.

Both Denine and Noseworthy grew up reading the Captain Canada comics, which also featured a character named Captain Newfoundland, who also went by the name Captain Atlantis. “These comics posited that Newfoundland was the ancient tip of Atlantis, so we borrowed that idea and ran with it!” said Denine.

Image borrowed from  International Hero .

Image borrowed from International Hero.

We were curious as to whether or not Escape Quest planned, Lost Colony of Atlantis with the release of Aquaman starring Jason Momoa but Denine said it is just a “happy coincidence”. Given the star’s ties to the province, Denine invited Aquaman himself to check out Escape Quest. “Jason Momoa, if you're reading this, come down to Escape Quest and put those superhero skills to the test!” he challenged.

You don’t have to be Jason Momoa in order to be good at Escape Quest. Denine said a successful escape artist just needs to be a team player. “Working as a group, rather than relying too heavily on one or two team members, is the key to victory,” he said. “ An ideal team has a couple of 'roles' that help with the game.  You need a Spotter- someone who can search a space and locate clues, patterns, and locks. You need a few Solvers: People who can take clues found by spotters and work through the problems. We use a variety of puzzles, so everyone should find something that plays to their strengths. Finally, an ideal team will have a Communicator- someone who knows what everyone else is up to, and is working on the BIG picture while everyone else works on the smaller tasks.”

Teams can check out Lost Colony of Atlantis and put their skills to the test during the holidays. Escape Quest will be open and will be operating with extended hours starting at 2 PM on weekdays. “Escape Quest makes for an exciting and unique Christmas present because you're giving someone an adventure to share with friends and family.  It's a great activity to do together in these long, cold winter months, and it's an experience they'll never forget,” said Denine. “We get a lot of families down to play during the Christmas Break. After all, if you're going to be stuck in a room with your family over Christmas, why not make it one of our rooms?” 

Denine recommends that anyone interested in a holiday trip to Escape Quest should book sooner, rather than later as many families and groups of friends make Escape Quest an annual tradition.There is an extra incentive as well. If you purchase a gift card or just come down to Escape Quest to play between December 12-23, you will have a chance to win 2 tickets for Come From Away St. John's opening night!

You can learn more about Escape Quest by visiting their website or liking them on Facebook.