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East Meets West- Party Long Weekend Style: The 90s Edition

There’s something we can all get behind- a long weekend baby. When we were younger, Victoria Day was the beginning of the end of the school year, one more month to push through until sweet summer. So this weekend, in between your beer swilling and your blunt smoking, splash around in this 90s playlist!

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Kris’ Halloween-y Playlist

Getting ready for Mardi Gras tonight and need some spooky tunes to get you in the mood for a lot of standing in line, waiting to get into a bar while wearing an uncomfortable costume? All Hallows’ Week continues and The Racket’s got you covered with some terrifyingly good tunes.

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Kris' G.O.O.D. Summer Playlist 2018

Overall I felt that the Wyoming G.O.O.D. Music releases were a bit short, so is summer, and so for that reason I have compiled a playlist of my top seven singles (in the same vein as those Kanye-helmed albums from May and June) from Summer 2018 so that you can enjoy over the Labour Day weekend and beyond!

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