The Racket’s Official Brown Liquor Playlist Vol. One

Welcome to the first installment of The Racket’s brown liquor playlist series.

Are you sad? Lonely? Did they not respond to your two A.M “u up?” text? Did your dog run away to be with your ex? Well friend, hold your head because The Racket has the remedy. Volume one of our Brown Liquor playlist is here for those nights where you lock the doors, pour a handle of something cheap and wallow in your own misfortune. Let these tracks serve as a catharsis for you.

  1. Drake- Marvin’s Room

Oh boy. Starting this off heavy, I guess. From Drake’s star-affirming album, Marvin’s Room sees Aubrey calling up an old flame while white girl wasted in the club. And I ask you, fair reader, who among us has not found ourselves in our feelings at two in the morning? This track is a masterclass in depressive hedonism, which this generation is well versed in. Pour up another one. You need it. Mix ginger with Canadian Club for best results.

2. Young Thug- Climax (feat. 6lack)

Oh, okay, we’re really doing this hey? One of the best tracks from Thug in recent memory – no small feat given his output lately – sees both Thugger and 6lack defiantly trying to show their exes just how well they’ve moved on. Spoiler, they have not moved on well. From watching them delete pictures of them on the ‘gram to arrogantly bragging about their new girl, the pair perfectly capture the uglier side of moving on after a break-up. This one calls for something rough, let’s make it Golden Wedding.

 3. Future- Selfish (feat.Rihanna)

A song all about being stupid and making bad decisions in service of putting pain off for another night. Goddamn. Just get a load of these lines: Ain’t no love without us / it will die / roses turn into dust. My god, Future. Who hurt you? Good ol’ fashioned Hennessy will do for this one.

4. Blu- Amnesia

From Blu’s atmospheric and moody 2011 project, Her Favorite Colo(u)r, Amnesia is an introspective look into the California rapper’s own life and feelings. Featuring a wonderful sample from Billie Holiday’s Am I Blue? Blu uses the song to literally ask if he is who he thinks he is. Nothing like a little existential crisis to keep your drink cold. Make it a double jack and coke.

5. Atmosphere- The Number None

For more than two decades, Slug and Ant of Atmosphere have been one of hip hop’s best-kept secrets. While much of their early work featured a lot of aggressively styled tracks about Slug’s turbulent love life, the second act of their career has seen a more mature Slug reflect with some humour and maturity on the misfortunes of his youth. This song starts out as a fond memory of an old flame from high school and ends with a brutal revelation. Maybe crack that second bottle of Jameson.

 6. Kendrick Lamar- Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst

A modern masterpiece, Kendrick’s breakthrough good kid m.A.A.d city wraps up with one of the best and devastating tracks in Kenny’s catalogue. This song is in two parts, with the first part – Sing About Me – telling gut-wrenching stories from people in Kendrick’s life and one from his own, while the second part – Dying of Thirst – is all about Kendrick needing to purge his soul. Less like the other tracks on this installment, there is no lament of lost love. Instead, just bleak, devastating reminders of life. Enjoy this track with Crown Royal, neat.

7. Frank Ocean- Moon River

Moon River is a canonical classic in modern music, and Frank’s contribution to the track is one of the best versions. Dropped the day after Valentine’s Day earlier this year, Frank uses heavily processed vocals to create a haunting effect. Best paired with Bulleit over ice.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this first installment on The Brown Liquor Playlist. Stay tuned for more, and put your phone away before you do something foolish!