East Meets West- Bring the Spring ‘19 (Playlist)

“Kris! I want to do a playlist!” “Sure.” My editor is some good to me and my bossy demands. Behold! A playlist to get you moving and grooving and ready for Spring! (Oh, and not a single dad rock jam in sight! People can change!) Enjoy!

1. Al Green- Take to Me to the River

Spring is all about the renewal, water has the same effect on me. “Won’t you cleanse my soul and put my feet on the ground?’ Yes, Al Green, yes I will, and you’re doing the same for me with this tasty jam to bring us all life back.

2. Teyana Taylor - WTP (EXPLICIT)

Oh, things have escalated quickly. It was a long winter, we all know that, and now we’re alive and werking. It’s about being self-assured in who you are and your abilities, boundaries and, ahem, needs.

3. Rayan Jay- Magic (EXPLICIT)

“Magic” and “WTP” are the sisters of this playlist. I tried to split them up, but they’re tricky minxes and who am I to bisect womanly wiles., She’s singing about someone having the magic, magic that she thought wasn’t real. Well, guess what babes? That magic is real. When I heard this, the very first person who came to mind, that person who was so magical- me. Be your own Magician/High Priestess/Emperoress/Queen/Ruler/Champion. I sure as fuck am.

4. Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man - Giant (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

I can NEVER have enough disco in my life. This song speaks to me (and not just because your girl is 5’11)-  knowing your strength and using the love to support others while they find theirs all set to an infectious beat. It’s been on loop since The Racket’s valiant editor Kris brought it to my attention. Thanks bb!           

5- DRAMA- Low Tide

“Cause I'm not just anybody. My love won't be taken down by a bullet”. I’m just going to leave that here.

6. The Zolas- Island Life

The Zolas stole my heart long ago (if you still don’t know the song “Ancient Mars”, go and listen, then move on with this list, please and thank you). These babes from Vancouver in all their swoony guitar riffing soundscape glory, create considerable vibes whilst marrying lyrics that invoke a clear narrative. Take me to that island, Zolas, I’d hundy p get a tan with you.

7. ALT J- Tessellate

“To fit together in a pattern with no spaces in between or overlapping” (thank you Oxford dictionary)-  hot. Creating something new while being exactly who you are, without having to be diminished or squelched-extra hot.

8. Bell Game- Yuh

Your girl loves herself some dream pop, our second contributor from Vancity,  Belle Game delivers. Spring is so visceral and fresh and to quote Thumper from Bambi, people get all “twitterpated”. So get twitterpated. Lust and crush and meld with someone. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost in them you know who you are.

9. The Echocentrics- Echo Hotel

A new jam that sounds retro and makes you feel like you’re in a grainy 60/70s b-movie as the protagonist who just pulled off a bank heist as the credits are about to roll.  That’s what spring is all about, right?

10. Onra- Ms. Ho

Listen and feel; its just music. Just something to inhabit you and push you in directions you never thought you’d persuade. You don’t have to run, you’ll get there all in due time...

Bonus Tracks: