A Class in Sexual Health: Top Five Big Mouth Episodes That Will Refresh Your Memory of Sex Ed

For people who have binged Big Mouth since it’s release in 2017, it is clear that this show is not just your average adult cartoon. Creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg took inspiration from their childhood pubescent years and decided to make a coming of age show that goes through all the woes of growing up.

What came from Big Mouth, were many real, funny, and sometimes gross stories, but also moments that provide viewers with educational knowledge of our sexual being; especially for children on the verge of puberty. This show expands their knowledge and answers the questions that may be too embarrassing to ask in their parents or in their Sex Ed class.

Top 5:

Here are the top 5 episodes of Big Mouth that provide the most educational viewing experience.

#5- “Am I Gay?” (Season 1, Episode 3)

Am I gay.jpg

In this episode, Andrew, one of the lead characters, starts to question his sexuality while watching an erotic video of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. He consults the ghosts of Duke Ellington and Freddie Mercury and sings a song about how being gay is a liberating experience, and totally amazing. Andrew explores his newfound identity by hitting on his best friend Nick, which gets a bit tangly. At the end, Andrew realizes that he is not gay, but still enjoys watching The Rock shirtless. This episode shines a light on how a lot of kids and young teenagers explore their sexuality, and how there is no shame in finding out who you are. Exploring your sexuality, especially as a developing teenager is a crucial part of forming who we become as adults, so this display of Andrew going through all the ups and downs of this show how freeing it is to just be you… and the Freddie Mercury music number is just the cherry on top.

#4- Shame Wizard (Season 2, Episode 3)

shame wizard.jpg

This episode introduces the character of The Shame Wizard (voiced by David Thewlis), a magical creature that follows Andrew around and reminds him of all the shame his puberty brings. This episode opens up the reality of how kids and young adults going through puberty most times feel very ashamed of what their body and mind are going through during this time. Sexual thoughts and actions are met with the Shame Wizard, always in your ear telling you that what you are doing or thinking is unethical and shameful, when of course, we know as adults is not the case. This episode is important for young teenagers going through puberty to see because it reminds them that everyone goes through these feelings, and The Shame Wizard visits everyone at some point during their transition into adulthood.


#3- Everybody Bleeds (Season 1, Episode 2)

This episode talks about what a lot of media will not: periods. Women’s menstrual cycles are hardly ever mentioned on film or tv, and if it is, it usually is in a gross, or negative connotation. This episode of Big Mouth challenges and shows the beginning stages of girls getting their period, and the cold hard truths that come with it. Jessie, one of Nick and Andrew’s friends is visiting the Statue of Liberty on a school trip when she gets her period for the first time... wearing white shorts. When she enlists Andrew to help, he starts to vomit and be very dramatic about the whole experience. Jessie pulls him back to reality, and he buys her a flag to wear around her pants to hide the blood. At the end of the episode, a cover of R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts” plays, but instead, it is “Everybody Bleeds”. This episode shows young girls that we all have embarrassing period stories, and we all bleed through our clothes, which are some things that are mortifying for a young girl, but as an adult, we just brush off, because.. everybody bleeds.


#2- The Department of Puberty (Season 2, Episode 10)

Depression kitty.jpg

In this episode of Big Mouth, we see inside the world of the Hormone Monsters, (the creatures that control Nick and Andrew’s development through puberty). In this world, we find a character called the Depression Kitty. This character shows the truth of emotions that control and overwhelm us while going through puberty, and after as adults. Jessie’s character meets the Depression Kitty when she feels like she is lost on her path of development when her Hormone Monstress leads her to act out and become rude to her parents and friends. When she meets the Kitty, she is wrapped up in her warmth and refuses to move; much like when depression hits us and all we want to do is stay in a warm bed. At the end of the episode, Nick and Andrew are finally able to pull her up and save her from the thralls of the Depression Kitty, highlighting the fact that friends and family can help you out of these hard times. This episode shows how depression can happen at any time, and how easily it is to fall into its path.

#1- The Planned Parenthood Show (Season 2, Episode 5)

planned parenthood.png

This episode is probably the most informative episode of the series. This episode follows Leah, Nick’s sister, going through her options of contraceptives in the style of an old 80’s dating TV show. We see birth control, condoms, an implant, the “pull out method”, and an IUD all become eligible bachelors, as each explain why they are important, and why she should pick them. In the end, Leah chooses the pull out method and is in for a treat when she realizes it was a big mistake. This episode also tackles the topic of abortion, and how Planned Parenthood is a safe place for women to go to be checked and to get safe abortions. This episode is super important for young adults to watch because not only is it a fun way to learn your options for contraceptives, but it is also super informative about the pros and cons of each option, without being a lecture. This way of showing these options to kids going through puberty is a great way for them to learn, and to grasp the concept of safe sex at an early age. Plus, teaching kids that Planned Parenthood will always be there for them if they need it is super beneficial.

Big Mouth is gross, wild, raunchy, and absolutely made for adults, but is a way for those going through puberty to learn what exactly is going on with their bodies. What is a joke to us adults who have already been through this sometimes grueling process, is an important fact to those who are currently going through it, which makes Big Mouth one of the most superior adult cartoon shows on air. Season 3 comes out this October, and it will be full of more educational hilarity.