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East meets west

A column by Stina O

Born in Ontario, inhabited Newfoundland, planting roots in BC: A Resident of Canada. Exploring Vancouver, and beyond, with curiosity, humour and compassion. Sharing her take of the world with her transnational lens, Stina is East meets West.



Beginning the journey

"How is it that my area code ISN’T 416? Lest we forget the impressionable year which I successfully survived a stint on the Rock (Newfoundland, not Dwayne Johnson), eliciting the quizzical response “You’ve lived on both coasts of Canada?” Did I neglect to mention that I’m presently perched facing the stoic mountains of Vancouver, a stone’s throw from the Pacific, hundreds of kilometers from Drake’s hometown and even further from the salty and brisk Atlantic, full of its secret and chilly wonder?"